Men’s Health from Essential Infusions Plus

Here at Essential Infusions Plus, we offer a number of men’s health services. Our services are great for adult men looking for additional energy, better sleep, increased libido, increased muscle mass, and better erections. We also treat low testosterone. 

If you are not sure which service you need, make an appointment for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.

Other Services Include:

  • SKINNY SHOT – $35
  • IVs for athletic performance and immunity 
  • Growth Hormone Peptides (CJC/lpamorelean)
  • NAD+
  • Glutathione
  • Sleep spray 

And so much more!

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a male hormone which is primarily produced in the testicles. Testosterone is necessary for a number of cellular functions, such as fat distribution, bone density and cellular functions, body hair distribution, muscle mass, sperm production, sexual function, and red cell production. 

As men age, their testosterone levels start dropping. Testosterone hits its peak levels in early adulthood and starts slowing at around age 30. 

Apart from age, there are a number of other things that can affect testosterone levels. There are medications that can reduce these levels, as well as conditions such as obesity, depression, and diabetes. Having thyroid problems or low Vitamin D levels can also cause lower testosterone levels.

Signs of Low Testosterone

There are many signs and symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Decreased libido 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Depression 
  • Lack of progress in the gym
  • Increased recovery time after workouts 
  • Loss of body hair 
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Increased body fat
  • Brain fog
  • Memory loss
  • Decreased endurance
  • Decreased bone density 

    Risks Associated With Testosterone Therapy

    There are risks associated with testosterone therapy (TRT), but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

    TRT and Prostate Cancer

    One meta-analysis shows a slightly reduced risk of prostate cancer. It was also observed that men with previous radiotherapy or prostatectomy had a lower risk of recurrence which suggests TRT is, in fact, safe. These studies also documented how hypogonadal patients saw an improvement in quality of life. 

    TRT and Cardiovascular Disease

    Many studies show little to no increase in complications of cardiovascular nature when men start receiving TRT. On the other hand, they show a reduction in cardiovascular disease in men suffering from high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Previous studies note an association between cardiovascular risk and TRT and so it is considered safe for men who do not have active cardiovascular disease. 

    Other TRT associated risks include:

    • Acne
    • Blood clots
    • Smaller testicles
    • Worsening sleep apnea

    These side effects can be minimized when TRT is accompanied by frequent follow-ups and close evaluation of labs.

    How Low Testosterone Is Treated

    There is an initial consultation and a hormone lab panel review. The results of these will help us to provide you with the best options for your therapy. There are treatments, such as creams, injections, and adjunct therapies. There will also be follow-up to include more lab draws to ensure your treatment continues in a safe manner and that you are receiving symptom resolution. 

    What the Evaluation looks Like

    We start off with a telephone conversation, and then we arrange for labs to be done. Once we have the results, we can provide you with a one-hour consultation to discuss your labs and potential treatment options. 

    What Follow-Up Looks Like

    Follow-up is usually done every six to 12 weeks until symptoms and lab values stabilize. When we see stabilization, we then start a follow-up schedule of every six months. The testosterone dose is modified at this point and the six-month follow-ups can now be done over the phone.

    Adjunct Therapy

    In addition to TRT, you can benefit from additional treatments, such as: 

    • Vitamin B injections
    • NAD+
    • Vitamin D supplementation
    • Nandrolone 

    And much more! 

    Set an appointment for your consultation today to help with your men’s health issues.